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NI 176 - Working age people with access to employment by public transport (and other specified modes)

This indicator measures the percentage of people of working age (aged 16 to 74 years) living within the catchment area of a location with more than 500 jobs by public transport and/or walking.

NI 053a - Prevalence of breast-feeding at 6-8 wks from birth - Prevalence of breastfeeding

Percentage of infants being breastfed at 6-8 weeks.

CORE - Social housing lettings (PRP owned) - Totals

This data set contains the total number of general needs lettings, let at social rent levels, owned by Private Registered Providers. These data are for new social housing lettings at the local...

NI 196 - Improved street and environmental cleanliness - fly tipping

The definition of fly-tipping used is designed to ensure that the whole spectrum of illegally dumped waste is taken into account.

Local authority capital expenditure and receipts, England

This series brings together all documents relating to Local authority capital expenditure, receipts and financing. Forecast, provisonal outturn and final outturn

House price to earnings ratio, England

This dataset contains the ratio of lower quartile/median house price to lower quartile/median earnings in England This dataset uses the median/lower quartile house price data sourced from ONS...

NI 198p - Children travelling to school - mode of transport usually used - Pupils aged 5-16 - by walking

Proportion of school aged children in full time education travelling to school by the mode of travel that they usually use. Mode of transport is defined as six modes: cars, including vans and...

Dwelling Stock by Tenure: Rented from Local Authorities

Housing numbers, by tenure, year built, type of accommodation etc, vacant dwellings. Net addition flows.

Local Government Pension Scheme Analysis

Local Government Pension Scheme Analysis

Fire and Rescue Service Operational Statistics

This annual bulletin contains fire and rescue authorities’ personnel statistics, numbers of injuries to firefighters, and statistics relating to fire safety audits of buildings and to community...

NI 129 - End of life care - access to appropriate care enabling people to be able to choose to die at home.

The percentage of all deaths that occur at home. Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS) - indicator will be published by National Centre for Health Outcomes Development - NCHOD Publisher:...

NI 061 - Timeliness of placements of looked after children for adoption following an agency decision that the child should be placed for adoption

This indicator provides an indication of how quickly children are placed with an approved prospective adopter(s) following the decision that they should be placed for adoption

Mean House Prices (Land Registry)

Annual house price inflation, simple and mix-adjusted average house prices, by dwelling, type of buyer, number of transactions, mortgage advances, distribution of borrowers' ages/incomes, interest...

Dwellings let through mutual exchanges

The Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix (HSSA) is a statistical return to support the LA's annual Housing Strategy. It is mainly basic and policy orientated data on all tenures within each local...

Median house price

Median house prices based on Land Registry data, by district, from 1996 (quarterly)1-5

NI 178 - Bus services running on time

Proportion running on time and excess waiting times for bus services. Punctuality is generally measured according to the guidance provided by the Department for Transport on the CLIP website.

Index of Deprivation 2004 - Barriers to Housing and Services

ID 2004: Barriers to Housing and Services domain (measures barriers to housing and key local services) Source: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM): ID 2004 Publisher: Communities and Local...

NI 137 - Healthy life expectancy at age 65

The measure uses a self-reported health assessment, applied to life expectancy data.

CORE - Social housing lettings (LA owned) - Totals

This dataset contains the total number of general needs lettings, let at social rent levels by Local Authorities. These data are for new social housing lettings at the local authority area level,...

Households on the housing register

Total number of households on housing register and dwellings required Source: Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix, Communities and Local Government (CLG) Time coverage: 2004 to 2006