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Health and Safety Incidents Among MOD Personnel

This report provides figures for adverse work-related health outcomes occurring for health and safety reasons recorded on the Ministry of Defence Incident Recording and Information System (IRIS),...

Coxns Master Training Database

HMS Vanguard(s) - Staff Document - master record of all training and qualifications of personnel onboard.

Assessment Centre Data

Data relating to Band D and Band B assessment centre.

Central Data Reporting Tool

All financial payments made by the MOD

MOD Art Collection Database

A database containing the records and audit trail of all MOD Art Collection items. The database is in a database format on a standalone and currently in a spreadsheet format on DII.

TSP 7: UK Reserves and Cadets Strengths

UK reserves and cadets strengths Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: TSP 7

Finance Skills Certificate (FSC) Database

Personal details of all holders of the FSC, and is the authoritative record of all certification issued, including unique identifier.

Master Training Log

HMS TURBULENT. Ship's Company Training record for Phase 1, 2, and 3 Officer and Rating trainees.


Spreadsheet containing essential information on all MOD STRAP assets (Acc Team 4, serial 3, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)

DTrgA Vetting Register

Directorate Security Vetting Register as mandated by Marlborough Lines Security Orders

Territorial Army Continuous Attitude Survey TA CA

TACAS measures TA personnel attitudes TA 2011 - hosted on Army Net - 1600 responses all anon

UK Armed Forces Quarterly Manpower Statistics

This is a quarterly publication containing requirements, strengths, intake and outflow from the UK Armed Forces. This data is broken down by Service, Officer/Rank, Training Indicator, gender and...

MCS-CMAO Database

Tracks and manages Army RAF Court Martial cases

Cablemaster Designer

Army App managed by Army Command

CIO-DSAS Critical Asset Register

A repository for information relating to critical assets held by DSAS (Info Management and Risk Co-ord Team, serial 13, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)

BMI further action

Spreadsheet of persons criticised at BMI

Defence Health Database

A collection of health related personnel systems used for production of health related statistics about members of the armed services. This covers, casualty, mental health, Aeromedical evacuations,...

MOD non-consolidated performance related pay 2013 to 2014

Ministry of Defence, data on non-consolidated performance related payments in the MOD.

Fiji Database

Database of Fijian applicants who applied to join the Army through one of the Fiji OPTs in 2008.

MOD Head Office live data page for energy consumption

Real time energy consumption data for the MOD headquarter building MOD Main Building, Whitehall.