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Service Complaints

RNAS Yeovilton. Equality and Diversity files complaint Documentation which is held electronically and in some instances in hard copy. Completed cases are scanned and saved as records.

ACP and Redundancy Database (BAE)

Database maintained to verify contractor's claims for Annual Compensation Payments (pensions) and redundancy costs.

Monthly Iraq and Afghanistan UK Patient Treatment Statistics

This report provides statistical information on Armed Forces personnel returned to the UK from Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of an injury or illness that have been treated at the Royal Centre...

Spec Med

A database which records all potentail recruits who have a medical condiditon and have been referred to see a medical consultant for opinion on fitness to enlist into the Army - Hard copies are...

RN CM Allocations/Delay

Tracks Royal Navy/Royal Marines personnel court martials.

Deaths database

A system to record all armed forces deaths

Army Stress Survey Data File_DAPS Sci_02Mar10

Army Occupational Stress Survey Responses from Army Personnel

MOD non-consolidated performance related pay 2014 to 2015

Ministry of Defence, data on non-consolidated performance related payments in the MOD.

ACOS TRG - Maintain ED equalence & recor

FLEET Deputy Flag Officer Sea Training (DFOST) - Equality and Diversity statistics

MOD: senior officials' domestic and international travel and expenses

Data on senior officials' domestic and international travel and expenses. This report shows domestic and international travel and expenses undertaken by MOD senior officials. The report includes...

Dartmoor firing programme

Firing notice for Dartmoor Training Area. For comprehensive information on firing times for Dartmoor Training Area please use this...

CIO-DSAS Risk Balance Cases Spreadsheet

A repository for information relating to Risk Balance Cases (RBC) (Info Management and Risk Co-ord Team, serial 9, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)


An IT system that records, manages and monitors those soldiers who are absent from work for more than 7 days through sickness or injury

Bonus Data

Application that provides analysis capability on Civilian Bonus data

Chickerell firing programme

Firing notice for Chickerell Range For comprehensive information on firing times for Chickerell Range please use this link:

2009 Army Cadet Force Survey- Cadets Responses

Records the Attitudes and Views of Army Cadets

Senior Staff hospitality received April 2010 to March 2012

Along with Other Government Departments, the Ministry of Defence will now be publishing Senior staff 3*, Permanent Secretary and Service Chiefs' hospitality...

Public Relations and Affilliations Manag

Public relations data - HMS BULWARK A record of affiliations and public relations data.


The System Process Unitary Resource Tracker (SPURT) monitors urgent Operational requirements.

CIO-DSAS STRAP Incident Database

Details of all STRAP security incidents (STRAP Team, serial 5, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)