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2009 Army Cadet Force Survey- Cadets Responses

Records the Attitudes and Views of Army Cadets

Dartmoor firing programme

Firing notice for Dartmoor Training Area. For comprehensive information on firing times for Dartmoor Training Area please use this...


An IT system that records, manages and monitors those soldiers who are absent from work for more than 7 days through sickness or injury

MOD non-consolidated performance related pay 2014 to 2015

Ministry of Defence, data on non-consolidated performance related payments in the MOD.

Army Stress Survey Data File_DAPS Sci_02Mar10

Army Occupational Stress Survey Responses from Army Personnel

Deaths database

A system to record all armed forces deaths

ACOS TRG - Maintain ED equalence & recor

FLEET Deputy Flag Officer Sea Training (DFOST) - Equality and Diversity statistics

Chickerell firing programme

Firing notice for Chickerell Range For comprehensive information on firing times for Chickerell Range please use this link:

Coxns Master Training Database

HMS Vanguard(s) - Staff Document - master record of all training and qualifications of personnel onboard.


Spreadsheet containing essential information on all MOD STRAP assets (Acc Team 4, serial 3, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)

Bonus Data

Application that provides analysis capability on Civilian Bonus data

MCS-CMAO Database

Tracks and manages Army RAF Court Martial cases

Souls on Board - Database.

HMS Duncan. Manpower planning tool, detailing the location or all ranks and rates.

Review of Tax Arrangements of Public Sector Appointees - Ministry of Defence

On 23 May 2012, the Government published a review of the tax arrangements of public sector appointees. The review identified the number of off payroll engagements worth more than £58,200 per annum...

CIO-DSAS STRAP Incident Database

Details of all STRAP security incidents (STRAP Team, serial 5, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)

DPSA welfare casework WIP PS4A legacy casework

DPSA Welfare casework legacy database closed

CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register

A repository of information relating to assets for DSAS (Info Management and Risk Co-ord Team, serial 12, of CIO-DSAS Information Asset Register)


Compliance Programme and VA / ESE Tasking Spreadsheet (Legacy Data)

UK Defence Statistics Pocket Cards

A summary of the annual statistics compendium of the Ministry of Defence Source agency: Defence Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: UKDS Pocket Cards

Statistical Series 2

This Bulletin provides figures on strength, intake and outflow of MOD civilian personnel. It presents detailed information on the composition of personnel, including location, gender, ethnic...