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Camden Neighbourhood Profile - Kilburn Priory

The neighbourhood profiles are 22 data profiles that, collectively, cover the whole borough of Camden. The profiles contain comprehensive, verifiable and up-to-date statistics from a variety of...

Impacts Of Welfare Changes January 2016

This presentation is part of an on-going series of anlyses of the impact of housing benefit and other welfare changes.

Knowing Our Communities LATEST

A set of more graphical slides that cover the population and social mix of Camden. Updated on a regular basis, 'Knowing Our Communities' hopes to keep and up-to-date picture of the borough....

Camden Learning Disabilities Profile

This public health intelligence profile provides an overview of the Camden population with learning disability. It summarises the frequency of learning disability and compares health indicators...

2011 Census Open Atlas - Camden

Alex Singleton, Lecturer in GIS at Liverpool University has created a set of maps of the 2011 Census Key and Quick Statistics ​released in January 2013 for output areas (small areas) in Camden and...

Fire Risk Assessment FAQs

No description provided

Camden Polling Districts

This dataset contains the polling district boundaries within the London Borough of Camden.


This factsheet provides a focus on chronic kidney disease in Camden.

2011 Census In Camden LATEST

Index page to 2011 Census data files for Camden. Open up this PDF document and follow links to 2011 Census data for Camden.

Demographics Profile May 2013

The profile brings together key demographic data at Camden practice level to help compare the characteristics of each practice population. It accompanies the Practice Profiles, which provide...

Older People

This public health factsheet describes facts, assets, and strategies related to older people’s health in Camden.

ONS 2011-based Mid- Year Estimates Of Usual Resident Population

File of recent 2011-based population estimates by summary age groups.

Better Homes Mechanical & Electrical Programme

Better Homes Mechanical & Electrical Programme

Camden and Islington Sport and Physical Activity Needs Assessment for CYP 2013 - Executive Summary

This needs assessment provides an analysis of needs relating to the provision of sport and physical activity for young people aged 0-18 (0-25 disabled) in Camden and Islington, with a view to...

Spend Over 500 GBP 2014

This dataset comprises of all the London Borough of Camden's financial transactions over £500 in 2014 (where available); the information includes the payment amount and payment beneficiary.

London Air Quality Network Camden

This dataset contains data captured by sensors operated by London Air. This is downloaded via their API (Application Programming Interface) and filtered to only include sensors within the London...

Camden Social Housing Asset Data At 1 April 2016

Under the Transparency Code 2015, local authorities must publish annually details of the value of social housing stock that is held in their Housing Revenue Account. The government has issued...

Fleetway Fire Risk Assessment

No description provided

Internal Better Homes Programme

Internal Better Homes Programme

Health & Wellbeing Ward Profile 2013 - West Hampstead

This health and wellbeing profile gives an overview of the burden of ill health in West Hampstead, one of Camden's 18 electoral wards, focusing on areas where Councillors can take action to improve...