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Camden Public Health Funeral Costs

This dataset contains details of Camden's public health funerals. The cost per month is likely to reduce where money is claimed back from the estate.

Road Collisions In Camden

This dataset contains road collisions in Camden dating back to 2005. Data is provided by TfL (Transport for London) on an annual basis, in three parts: attendant, casualty and vehicle – these are...

Spend Over 500 GBP 2013

This dataset comprises of all the London Borough of Camden's financial transactions over £500 in 2013 (where available); the information includes the payment amount and payment beneficiary.

London Borough Of Camden Published Pay Gap Data 31st March 2016

A pay gap analysis as of 31 March 2016 broken down by pay by gender, ethnicity, disability and full time/ part time .

Gender inequality in health: Camden (May 2018)

This profile further explores health inequalities between men and women in Camden looking at the differences in demographics, life style risk factors and burden of ill health due to long term...


This public health factsheet describes facts, assets, and strategies related to alcohol health impacts in Camden.

Camden Freedom Of Information Responses

The Council's Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Regulations responses, from August 2017.

2021 Census LATEST

Simple briefing updating the latest situation with the 2021 Census.

2021 Census LATEST

Provides a brief update on preparations for, conduct of and outputs from the 2021 Census.

Sodapy test 2

This is a TEST dataset to test sodapy api capabilities

Education Penalty Notices Camden

Penalty Notices are issued by the Education Welfare Service in response to referrals from schools in accordance with the boroughs protocol. Academic years run from 1st September to the 31st August

2011 Census Open Atlas - Camden

Alex Singleton, Lecturer in GIS at Liverpool University has created a set of maps of the 2011 Census Key and Quick Statistics ​released in January 2013 for output areas (small areas) in Camden and...

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Camden School Agency Spend

This dataset contains agency spend (E26, E27 and E28) per Camden school per financial year.

Brownfield Land Register Polygons

This dataset contains polygons of brownfield sites in the London Borough of Camden. Attributes are published here:

Camden Open Data Challenge

Camden Open Data Challenge

Spending with Capita

Spending with Capita

Camden Smoking Demographics Profile

This profile describes trends and patterns in smoking prevalence in Camden.