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Comensura Contract

Contract with Comensura (UK) Ltd for the provision of Managed Temporary Agency Resources Services

Published datasets on Open Barnet

A full directory of datasets on the Open Barnet portal as of the date of upload. This will be updated on a monthly basis.

Staff Attendance & Absence 2020/21

Monthly, year to date and rolling year sickness absence and cost of absence by council delivery unit

Events in Parks 2015-16

A table of events booked in for parks in the London Borough of Barnet

Barnet Contracts Register 2018-19

This register contains all the council's active and compliant contracts, greater or equal to £10,000 in total contract value in 2018/19 to date.

Brownfield Land Register

This is a dataset of the London Borough of Barnet's Brownfield Land Register, as referenced in the Housing and Planning Act 2016.  Part 1 lists brownfield land sites of at least 0.25ha or capable...

Barnet Information Dashboard

**Barnet Information Dashboard** **What is it?** Within Barnet there are 21 electoral wards. A ward is a subdivision of a local authority, that is used to elect local councillors. The Barnet...

Households where a Homeless Decision has been taken

The number of households where a homeless decision has been taken during each quarter since Q1 2013/14. Data is based on financial quarters e.g. Q1 is a snapshot at the end of June

GP practices

Link to which provides data on GPs, GP practices, nurses and pharmacies in the UK. Please note The GP practices file contains all prescribing cost centres as opposed to solely GP...

Pupil absence in schools in England: 2013 to 2014

This release, published by the Department for Education, provides information on the levels of overall, authorised and unauthorised absence in: - state-funded primary schools - state-funded...

School transfer open evenings 2014

Transfer to secondary school 2015 – dates and times of open evenings in 2014

Municipal Recycling & Waste Strategy - Assumptions: Technology

This section outlines the assumptions we have used as a basis for Barnet Council’s Municipal Recycling & Waste Strategy and the various evidence collated that supports them  T1- A depot for...

Ordnance Survey GIS Datasets

A link to Ordnance Survey datasets

Special educational needs in England: January 2015

Information from the school census on pupils with special educational needs (SEN), and SEN provision in schools. Information on the characteristics of pupils by their: level of SEN provision -...

HMO Register

List of properties licensed under the Council’s HMO Licensing Scheme as at the beginning of February 2017. This list is updated on a monthly basis. More information on Houses in Multiple Occupancy...

Transport for London - Open Data

TfL statement: We've committed to making our open data freely available to third parties and to engaging developers to deliver new products, apps and services for our customers. Over 11,000...

Municipal Recycling & Waste Strategy - Assumptions: Market Dynamics

This section outlines the assumptions we have used as a basis for Barnet Council’s Municipal Recycling & Waste Strategy and the various evidence collated that supports them  MD1 - By 2030...

Recorded Crime Summary Data for Barnet: Ward Level

Extract from GLA Release: Official Sub-Ward, Ward and Borough level crime counts. This page contains the ward level data file for London Borough of Barnet Click here for corresponding LSOA...

Open Spaces Strategy

This dataset includes the Open Spaces Strategy 2016 as well as all relevant appendices. Barnet has a great collection of parks and open spaces and these are an important part of what makes Barnet...

Animal rescue incidents attended by London Fire Brigade

This dataset includes an extract setting out the data for London Borough of Barnet, as well as comparative data for Greater London The London Fire Brigade attends a range of non-fire incidents...