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Ipswich Borough Council/Pet shops

Pet shops licensed under the Pet Animals Act 1951

Ipswich Borough Council/Summary of Homelessness Decisions By Month

A summary report of Homelessness Decisions By Month-Year categorised by the decisions taken and calculating the number of each decision.

Ipswich Borough Council/Electors by Ward

Details of the total number of electors registered for each electoral ward. Published yearly following the election.

Ipswich Borough Council/Insurance claims

Insurance claims where a payment has been made. Ipswich Borough Council operates a number of insurance policies in relation to council owned property and public liability etc. Note: These do not...

Ipswich Borough Council/Absence - Days Lost Per FTE

This shows the working days lost by Ipswich Borough Council employees due to sickness absence per FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Ipswich Borough Council/Penalty charge notices issued

The number of Penalty Charge Notices issued for parking and moving traffic contraventions issued under the Traffic Management Act 2004

Ipswich Borough Council/Summary of Housing Benefit in Year

Summary of Housing Benefit in Year

Ipswich Borough Council/Payments made for penalty charge notices

Payments made for Penalty Charge Notices issued for parking and moving traffic contraventions under The Traffic Management Act 2004. Note, the payments received are not purely for PCNs issued in...

Ipswich Borough Council/Members Attendances - Annual Returns

Annual returns of Members attendances at Council, Executive, Committees, Sub-Committees, Panels and Working Groups.

Ipswich Borough Council/Mobile food vendors/Street traders

Mobile food vendors and street traders

Ipswich Borough Council/Member allowances

Details of Councillor allowances and expense claims. (Councillors are not paid a salary or wages, but they are entitled to allowances and expenses to cover some of the costs of carrying out their...

Ipswich Borough Council - Compulsory Purchase Order

Ipswich Borough Council considers the compulsory purchase of a property when the council is satisfied that the house is in a poor state of repair, is unlikely to be brought back into use by the...

Bicycle Ranks

Cycle stand location in Ipswich town centre

Ipswich Borough Council INSPIRE Download Service

Ipswich Borough Council Data View Service to provide data view for data sets published in frame of INSPIRE initiative

Ipswich Borough Council - INSPIRE Data View Service

Data View Service provided by Ipswich Borough Council to publish data sets under the EU INSPIRE Initiative

Ipswich Borough Council - Locally Listed Buildings

These are buildings in the Ipswich Borough Council’s area that make a positive contribution to its local character and sense of place because of their heritage value, but which do not enjoy the...

Ipswich Borough Parks and Open Spaces

Identified park or open space where the Council will safeguard, protect and enhance biodiversity and the environment by working in partnership with others to ensure that the areas are well...

Ipswich Borough Council - Site Allocation

Identified site which is allocated for development or afforded a degree of protection from development.

Ipswich Borough Council - Existing Playing Field

Existing playing fields which act as stepping stones to improve connectivity between core areas enabling species to move, feed, disperse, migrate or reproduce.

Eco Corridor - Aspirational Links

Corridors which improve connectivity between core areas enabling species to move, feed, disperse, migrate or reproduce