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Register of Deeds of Arrangements

A register of deeds registered with the Land Charges Department registering arrangements with and assignments for the benefit of creditors.

Red Tape Challenge and Rule Committee

Information relating to the Red Tape Challenge and Rule Committee

Commercial Arrangements Volume

Data held giving details of lenders forms of charge and special arrangements that have been approved by the Commercial Arrangements Section at Land Registry Head Office for use by internal...

1862 Act Registers

The Digital Archives contain scanned images of HM Land Registry’s historical 1862 Act Register. Over 15,000 JPEG images are available to download from the digital archives free of charge....

Land Registry Property Gazetteer

An address database that links title registrations to an address. The address can then be used as an easy way to search for title registrations. Addresses are captured from registration documents...

Measurement Workbooks

Monthly metrics data covering planned v actual project costs and man days.

Archived Price Paid Information: residential property 1995 to 2012

Historical monthly residential property price data for all of the residential property sales in England and Wales that are lodged with Land Registry for registration.

Government Procurement

The policies, guidance and processes which govern the procurement of goods and services for Land Registry.

Register of Pending Land Actions

A register of actions or proceeding pending in court affecting the title to unregistered land and claims of proprietary interest in unregistered land.

Cash Flow Forecast

An estimate of the timing and amounts of cash inflow and outflow over a specific period.

Quality Key Performance Indicator

Detail and statistics surrounding the Quality Key Performance Indicator comprising details of audit checks on titles with outcome and any feedback for the local office.

Register of Writs and Orders

A register of writs and orders affecting land and writs and orders in bankruptcy.

Architecture Supporting Documents

Principles, patterns, standards and strategies, and records for the Land Registry Information Systems Architecture Review Authority.

Administrative Areas

Electronically held representations of administrative areas which may be either a highest level local administrative area, which may be either a county, a metropolitan district or a unitary...

e-Security Data

User, group, resource and security profiles defined to identify and manage customer’s access to Land Registry external services and internal mobile computers accounts. (Mobility laptops). Includes...

Business Gateway Request/Response Log

A log of requests from customers and responses returned via Land Registry's Business Gateway channel which allows customers’ case management systems to interact with Land Registry systems e-services,

Supplier Information

Data held relating to a business or individual that supplies goods, services or both to Land Registry.

Prospect Lists

Lists of companies and citizens who are not existing Land registry customer and to whom the Land Registry wishes to make an unsolicited approach.

Configuration Management Changes

Details of changes to configurable items.

Constitutional Correspondence

Correspondence with shareholder executive and cabinet office in relation to constitution and status of Land Registry (eg: appointment of Chiefs, Chair and Non Executives).