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Local Plan 2003 Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Sites of special scientific interest are protected by law to preserve their special wildlife or geology. Certain activity within an SSSI requires permission from Natural England. The sites in this...

Guildford Borough Council Community Grants

Grants awarded to community organisations for funding period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019 published under the Local Government Transparency Code (2015).

Article 4 Direction

Areas of land where Permitted Development Rights are restricted.

Suitable Alternative Natural Green Spaces

Green open space provided and managed to mitigate the harmful effects of new development on protected bird habitats.

Guildford INSPIRE service

Guildford Borough Council Inspire OGC Web Service

Traffic Regulation Orders

Location and classification of waiting, loading and parking restrictions.

Local Plan 2003 Urban Area

Urban Areas of Guildford Borough as defined in the Local Plan 2003.

Dog Bins

Location of dog bins.

Litter Bins

Location of litter bins.

Environmental Permits

Guildford Borough Council List of Environmental Permits This register is updated weekly.

Local Plan 2003 Local Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres relevant at the local level of the Local Plan 2003.

Local Plan 2003 Town Centre Specialist Shopping Area

Specialist shopping areas of Guildford Town Centre as defined in the Local Plan 2003.

Local Plan 2003 District Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres relevant at the district level of the Local Plan 2003.

Licensed Practitioner List

Guildford Borough Council List of Practitioners Registered to carry out Acupuncture/Ear piercing/Body piercing/Semi-permanent Skin-Colouring/Tattooing/Electrolysis. This register is updated...

Planning Applications

Guildford Borough Council current planning applications and all applications decided within the last 100 days. This data is automatically updated from our internal systems on a daily basis. When...

Local Plan 2003 Settlement Boundaries

Settlement boundaries defined in the Local Plan 2003.

Local Plan 2003 Countryside Beyond Green Belt

Area of land designated as countryside beyond the green belt land.

Guildford Town Car Parks

Locations of car parks within Guildford Town Centre.

Guildford Borough Council Animal Register

A register of all premises currently operating under a valid Animal Licence for Boarding, Dog Breeding, Riding Establishment or Pet Shop in Guildford Borough. Licence applications that are in...

Polling Districts

Electoral Polling Districts.