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Calverton NP Safe Community Facilities

Calverton Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Safe Community Facilities datasetPolicy ISF5

Linby NP Community Assets

Linby Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Community Assets

Linby NP Views Vistas

Linby Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Views and Vistas

Calverton NP Education Sites

Calverton Neighbourhood Plan - Education Sites datasetPolicy ISF6

Calverton NP Allotments

Calverton Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Allotments datasetPolicy ISF8

Linby NP Conservation Area

Linby Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Conservation Area

Papplewick NP Community

Papplewick Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Community Facilities dataset

EPR Public Register

Environmental Permit Regulations Public Register

Air Quality Management Area

Gedling Borough Council Air Quality Management Area 

Calverton NP Conservation Area

Calverton Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Conservation Area datasetPolicy BE5

Calverton NP Open Frontage

Calverton Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Open Frontage datasetPolicy G1

Papplewick NP Views Vistas

Papplewick Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Views and Vistas dataset

LPD18 Protected Open Space

Local Planning Document 2018 - Protected Open Space Dataset (Policy LPD20) 

LPD18 Local Green Space

Local Planning Document 2018 - Local Green Space Dataset (Policy LPD22) 

Calverton NP Green Space

Calverton Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Local Green Space datasetPolicy NE1

Article 4 Directives

Article 4 Directives

Burton Joyce NP Boundary

Burton Joyce Parish Neighbourhood Plan - Boundary dataset

Tree Preservation Order (Polygons)

Tree Preservation Order - Area (polygon) data

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality monitoring point data for LAQM reporting

Brownfield Register

Gedling Borough Council - Brownfield Register