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Official Register of Driving Instructor Training.

Official Register of Driving Instructor Training (ORDIT) spreadsheet - contains contact and premises details of ORDIT accredited organisations and personal data relating to their employees...

Theory test contract security documentation

Audit reports and accreditation documentation.

Disciplinary records

Discipline/ Grievance Including Disciplinary Record, Grievance Details etc

Business Continuity Plans repository

Business Continuity Plans repository

Personnel records

Personal Data Including Next of Kin, Visa/Work Permit Details, Qualifications, Security Clearance Level, Company Property, Diversity Information

Criminal Records Disclosures

Approved Driving Instructors & Potential Driving Instructors Criminal record disclosure results from the Criminal records bureau.

Road Safety Information System (RSIS)

Scanned images of the DL25s (driving test reports). The reports include candidate name, date of test, application reference, vehicle registration, examiner name and reference number, test markings...

Revocation Files

Investigation documentation and evidence leading to decisions about revoking Approved Driving Instructor licences

Investigation Case files

Investigation & case files for those passed for HMRC Special Compliance Office (Grabiner) investigation, includes names addresses, date of birth, suspected activity etc.

National Standards Evidence Base

Date referenced Access database - contains evidence statements derived from legislation, research papers, statistics and expert opinion.

Monthly key performance indicators

Monthly key performance indicators. KPI 11 and KPI 18 includes booking number, Date of Test and Incident Number for all candidates who have had a test cancelled by Pearson, or received a result in...

Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training Centre, Customer Relationship Management Data

Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT) centre & course approvals - organisation & approved centre name & address, contact email & telephone no, nature, business size...

General ledger

General ledger Inc. Accounting Structure, Profit/Cost Centres, Budgets, Accounting Entries


CCTV recordings at DSA Headquarters

Procurement Registered Files.

Procurement Registered Files with information on contracts and other items relating to the Branch's work.

Voluntary register files

Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Register Files containing contact details of individuals, LGV Accredited Centre Files containing business details & Fleet Accredited Course Files.

Theory Test Statistics and financial information

Theory Test Statistics and financial information including evidence of contractors performance, theory test performance and statistics, local plans & gross turnover

Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training Centre

JAUPT scanned copies of centre & course approvals & audit data.

Integrated Register of Driver Trainers (IRDT)

IRDT includes smaller elements of the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) Registration System process. Information includes details of ADI registration all instructors and potential instructors; test...

Training admin records

1. Training & Events records 2. Budgets.