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Registered bodies who submit more than 1500 applications per year

FOI response: Names and addresses of Registered Bodies who submit more than 1500 applications per year or are eligible to ntroduce their own e-bulk solution

CRB checks on people working and volunteering in schools

The number of applications for position stated as ‘Teacher’, ‘Headteacher’, ‘Classroom Assistant’, ‘Teaching Assistant’, or ‘Special Needs Co-ordinator whose certificate contained at least one...

CRB checks

FOI response: annual figures on the total number of CRB checks since 2005/06, organised by financial year

CRB disclosures requested by the top 100 registered bodies

FOI response: the number of CRB applications received by the top Registered Bodies.

CRB teaching applications - Camarthenshire

FOI response: number of people with criminal records from Carmarthenshire who have applied for teaching jobs in the last three years