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Health and Safety - Accident Information

Records of all accidents to employees or members of the public involving time off work or medical treatment are reported by phone, by a Calderdale manager, to the corporate health and safety team....

Libraries CD and DVD loan numbers

Data from Calderdale libraries , showing numbers of CD and DVDs loaned since 2013-14.

Number of Pupils on Roll by Gender in Primary Schools

Number of pupils on roll in Calderdale Primary Schools (Academies and Local Authority Maintained Schools) by year group and gender; the data source is the termly school census.


Year 1 (Y1) primary school pupils phonics data who met the Expected Standard for Phonics by School Ward for the period 2013 onwards.The data is by school location, rather than by pupil residence....

National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN)

NaPTAN is the national system for uniquely identifying points of access to public transport in England, Scotland and Wales. Datasets can be found on the website.

State of Calderdale 2018: Build a sustainable future

The State of Calderdale assembly brings together key representatives from the public, private, and voluntary and community sectors. As part of the event, Calderdale Council prepare a data pack to...

Stop Smoking Services

NHS Stop smoking services at Levels 1 to 3. 1 -Voucher Scheme 2 - Stop Smoking Service 3 - [Yorkshire Smoke Free Calderdale]( Contains...

Bike Racks

Bike racks including, location, rack type and capacity. For more information on cycling, see the Council website: Cycling .

Number of Pupils on Roll by Ward in Primary Schools

Number of pupils on roll in Calderdale Primary Schools by Ward (Academies and Local Authority Schools).

Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Trajectory

Department for  Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) collect Carbon (CO2) Emissions figures nationally with a 2 year time delay. These figures are published on an annual basis at Local...

Public Food Register

Details of all Calderdale establishments registered to sell food including, name, address, ward and type.

Primary and Secondary School Appeals

Primary and secondary school appeals for school places and the results (including Community and Voluntary Controlled schools and some academies). [**Other schools...

Railway Stations

Details include name, location and links to facilities and live departures


Cinemas include names, location in eastings and northings for the postcode and website link for each cinema in Calderdale.  Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2017. Contains...

Council Venues

This data set includes a list of Council venues that can be booked by the public, some of these venues are also approved for ceremonies. For more information on marriage, civil partnerships, or...


Defibrillators owned by Calderdale Council or Calderdale Schools, including address and number of units. In case of an emergency please ring 999. Please note that the school information is only...

Wildflower Sites

Sites where wildflowers have been sown as part of the Grow Wild Project - Calderdale Corridors of Colour, co-ordinated by Safer & Stronger Communities. Please contact Mark Dempsey at...

Council public wifi hotspots

Public wifi hotspots in Council buildings that are open to the public.

Domestic consumption monitor - monthly meter readings

Monthly meter readings expressed as mean litres/day. These readings are of customers paying their bill by rateable value. Customers have been selected to be representative of the Yorkshire Water...

Smoke Control Zones

Smoke Control Zones