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Ward Boundaries

Ward Boundaries, saved as a .TAB file in a compressed (zipped) format. These files contains the shape, extent and location of Ward Boundaries. This data has been derived from Ordnance Survey base...

Ancient Monuments

Ancient monuments in Calderdale including location, name and date - Data from Historic England - []( More information can be found on the...

Railway Stations

Details include name, location and links to facilities and live departures

Library Issues by Collection

This Calderdale libraries dataset gives total issue numbers per collection. The data is broken down into financial year and is a total for all libraries.

Libraries Summary

Summary totals for each Calderdale library, including issues, returns, borrowers , stock count and membership.

School Clusters and Federations

Calderdale school clusters (groups) and federations (under one governing body) information including: cluster or federation name, schools, contact information for chairs/coordinators and scheduled...

Children's Centre Boundary Areas

These files contain the shape, extent and location (X and Y Co-ordinates) of the boundary areas. The PDF map shows the defined reach areas for each Children centre labelled with the name and...

Special Landscape Area

[Special landscape area]( ) – Countryside of very high visual quality; a combination of impressive...

Doctors Surgeries

Doctors Surgeries include names, addresses, location in eastings and northings (for the postcode) for each doctors surgery in Calderdale. Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right...

Income MSOA profile

This profile provides a graphical illustration of how different MSOAs (Medium super output areas) relate to each other, and to Calderdale as a whole, on topics that cover how income is distributed...

Care Homes

Care homes including, name, number of rooms by type (nursing, nursing EMI, residential, residential EMI) address and location.


Allotment sites in Calderdale including site ID, location, ward, area in hectares and management status.  This data has been derived from Ornance Survey base mapping. (C) Crown copyright \[and...

Youth Centres

Details of youth centres run by Calderdale Council. The location of the youth centres can be found on [Calderdale Maps online - Children and family...

Council budget

A breakdown of the council's budget as at 1 April.

Watercourse Reaches

Collection of water over a natural drainage area including, description of the reach code, the river type and the river name.

Northern Powergrid - Substation Demand Data for Calderdale

This data is from Northern Powergrid and is a forecast of peak demand based on current demand and an estimate of the expected increase due to natural load growth.

Play Areas

Location, addresses and type of play areas.

National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN)

NaPTAN is the national system for uniquely identifying points of access to public transport in England, Scotland and Wales. Datasets can be found on the website.

Customer Meter Data

This dataset comprises of Yorkshire Water Customer Meter data both actual and estimated readings for domestic properties in the Yorkshire Water operational area. The dataset has been anonymised to...

Domestic consumption monitor - monthly meter readings

Monthly meter readings expressed as mean litres/day. These readings are of customers paying their bill by rateable value. Customers have been selected to be representative of the Yorkshire Water...