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Grit Bins

Grit Bin including, types, reference number and location in XY format which has been derived from Ordnance Survey base layer maps. (C) Crown copyright \[and database rights\] (2015) OS (licence...

Tennis Courts

Location of Tennis Courts.

Primary School Admission Timeline

The timeline for primary school admissions for children starting primary school in September 2018. >For more information about School Admissions, see - [School Admissions in...

Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Trajectory

Department for  Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) collect Carbon (CO2) Emissions figures nationally with a 2 year time delay. These figures are published on an annual basis at Local...

Fly tipping

Details of the incidents of fly tipping reported to the council, and top ten streets for reports of fly tipping.

Secondary School Admission Timeline

The timeline for secondary school admissions for children moving to secondary school in September 2018. For more information about School Admissions, see - [School Admissions in...

Special Educational Needs (SEN) - Secondary Schools

Number of pupils with Special Education Needs in Calderdale Secondary Schools (Academies and Local Authority Maintained Schools); the data source is the termly school census. Academy data is only...

Parish Boundaries

Parish Council Boundaries, saved as a .TAB file in a compressed (zipped) format. These files contains the shape, extent and location of Parish Boundaries. This data has been derived from Ordnance...

State of Calderdale: Build a sustainable future

The State of Calderdale assembly brings together key representatives from the public, private, and voluntary and community sectors. As part of the event, Calderdale Council prepare a data pack to...

Planning Applications

Planning Applications including the type of application, classfication, date and GeoArea.

Libraries CD and DVD loan numbers

Data from Calderdale libraries , showing numbers of CD and DVDs loaned since 2013-14.

Secondary School Admissions Preferences and Allocations by School

Secondary school preferences and allocations for Year 7 by school in Calderdale secondary schools (academies and local authority maintained schools); the data is published annually since 2015.

Parking Spaces

Parking Spaces information including, locality, car park name and number of Spaces.  This information is published as part of the Local Government Transparency Code.

Skate and BMX Parks

Location, address and type of skate and BMX parks.

Energy Performance of Buildings

Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates data for buildings in Calderdale.

Polling Stations

Polling stations information including address, polling district letters, ward.  For maps and mapping information on polling districts, see [Polling districts](/dataset/polling-station-districts)...

Calderdale Data Works Web stats

Sessions, page views, users, devices and referrals for the DataWorks platform using information from Google Analytics. The interactive dashboard provides data by month from September 2018 for...


Details include names and location for each NHS Dentist. Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2017 Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and Database right...

Traffic Count

Traffic count from 8 cameras located around Calderdale. Please note * Sdate - indicates the date and time the count was taken.  * Cosit - camera ID number which indicates the camera location...

Area Around Todmorden

This area of rural land does not perform a Green Belt function however, has special characteristics and is of particular value for agriculture, wildlife, nature conservation and recreation. This...