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Article 4 Directions

This dataset comprises polygon data used to record areas within Bristol subject to Article 4 Directions. National legislation allows for Directions under Article 4 of the Town and Country...

Asset Register and Land Ownership

This dataset comprises polygon data showing the spatial extents of land and property in which Bristol City Council has a legal interest .

Bristol City Council Licensed Premises

A yearly snapshot of Bristol City Council Licensed Premises. This dataset is updated weekly and provides a years worth of data.

Bristol City Council Parking Spaces

Free parking spaces available within Bristol which are provided directly by the local authority, and Parking spaces where charges apply that are available within Bristol which are provided...

Bristol Floating Harbour bacteriological water quality

Bristol floating harbour bacteriological water quality monitoring data (bacteriological and physical) from 1994.

Allotment sites

Allotment site boundaries.

Solar Potential

This dataset comprises polygon data which shows an assessment of building roofs within the Bristol area for suitability for the installation of solar panels. This provides a general indication of...

Bristol City Council Committee Meetings

Bristol City Council committee meetings.

Organisation Chart for Bristol City Council

A PDF chart and CSV spreadsheet showing the organisational structure at Bristol City Council including job titles, salary ranges and contact details.

Senior salary count for Bristol City Council

The number of employees paid an annual salary of £50,000 and above shown in bands of £5,000.

Bristol City Council Senior Officers Salary Information

The data shows the Bristol City Council senior officers pay grades. This will be updated annually. We are publishing this information to be open about our spending and to improve access to our...

Bristol City Council Trade Union facility time

The absolute number and full-time equivalent Trade Union representatives at Bristol City Council. A basic estimate of spending on Trade Union representatives as a percentage of the total pay...

Bristol City Council pay multiples

The ratios between the highest paid salary and the lowest paid; mean and median salary of the council's workforce. This data shows the median and mean pay for all employees including Chief Officers.

Bristol City Council Land and Building Assets

This dataset comprises all land and building assets owned, used and/or managed by Bristol City Council, with the exception of individual social housing units, in accordance with the requirements of...

Car parks

Locations of car parks in Bristol, including Park and Ride car parks. Attributes include car park type, number of spaces, operating times.

Council CCTV cameras

CCTV Camera point locations. Attributes include reference numbers and information on camera make, monitoring, ownership and maintainence responsibilities. Includes Metrobus cctv.

Childrens centre reach areas

Catchment areas for individual Childrens Centres.

Bus stops

Location of all public bus stops in the four West of England local authorities, with detailed information including the bus services (and a link for real time information).

BMX facilities

BMX facilities in and around Bristol

Bristol City Council DATAGOV WFS

Web Feature Service (WFS) providing access to datasets held by Bristol City Council. This service replicates the individual datasets listed under NOTE: Includes some Ordnance Survey...