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Solar Potential

This dataset comprises polygon data which shows an assessment of building roofs within the Bristol area for suitability for the installation of solar panels. This provides a general indication of...

Bristol City Council Fraud

Notes to Fraud Data 2018/19 1. The information provided relates to fraud against the authority, it does not include cases of fraudulent activity by traders, as investigated by Trading...

Bristol City Council Committee Meetings

Bristol City Council committee meetings.

Bristol City Council B-Open Wi Fi Hotspots

This data-set provides the postcodes and the locations for Bristols Free B-Open Wi-Fi hotspots helping citizens and visitors get online.

Litter bins

This dataset comprises point data showing the locations of litter bins managed and emptied by Bristol City Council Street Cleansing teams.

Bristol Bus Stops

This data-set provides the "Naptan Codes", Bus Stop Name, Stop Location, a yes/no field if the stop has a Seat, a text field that indicates if the stop has a Shelter, Pole or Lamp Post and a yes/...

Debt advice agencies

Point locations of Debt advice agencies including attributes information such as contact details and drop-in session times. Debt advice agencies offer advice and support to people facing...

Air Quality Monitors

Locations of Bristol City Council operated air quality monitoring sites, which defines the areas of poor air quality in Bristol. Data displayed is annual nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations...

Polling Districts from May 2016

Proposed Polling Districts within the City of Bristol. Based on the new wards recommended by the LGBCE from May 2016

Bristol Air Quality Monitoring Station Information

Air quality monitoring station information for use with the Bristol air quailty data

Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI)

This dataset comprises polygon data showing Sites of Nature Conservation Interest within Bristol. Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCIs) are sites which contain features of substantive...

Bristol Polling Districts

Polling Districts within the City of Bristol.

Bristol Polling Stations

Polling Districts within the City of Bristol. Democracy, Local Government, Elections. To view Polling Districts and Polling Stations through BRISTOL CITY COUNCIL INSPIRE WMS see...

Bristol City Council Parking Account

A breakdown of income and expenditure on the authority’s parking account. The breakdown of income must include details of revenue collected from on-street parking, off-street parking and Penalty...

Bristol Floating Harbour Site National Grid References

Floating Harbour Site National Grid References for use with "Floating Harbour bacteriological water quality".

Senior salary count for Bristol City Council

The number of employees paid an annual salary of £50,000 and above shown in bands of £5,000.

Bristol Air quality

Air quality is monitored continuously at several sites in and around the city with continuous analysers. Real time data from our air quality monitoring network, and from sites in Bristol that are...

Tourist information

Location of the tourist information office(s) in Bristol

Neighbourhood partnerships May 2016

Neighbourhood Partnership areas for the New Ward Boundaries proposed by LGBCE from May 2016.

Article 4 Directions

This dataset comprises polygon data used to record areas within Bristol subject to Article 4 Directions. National legislation allows for Directions under Article 4 of the Town and Country...