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Allerdale Specific Financial Land Charge

Specific Financial charge recorded as a Land Charge and expressed as a polygon extent. Specific Charges as defined under Section 2 of the Land Charge Register.

Allerdale Locality Administartive Areas

Allerdale Locality Administrative Areas expressed as polygon extents for each area. Main areas for administration primarily for use by Street Scene Officers for Environmental Services.

Allerdale Policy Industrial Land Availability

Allerdale Planning Policy on Industrial Land Availability as defined under the 1999 Allerdale Local Plan expressed as polygons. Policy updated in 2014 to 2029 with actual end date being...

Allerdale Section 158 Agreements Land Charge

Section 158 Agreement expressed as a Land Charge and recorded as polygons. Registered under the Water Resources Act 1991 for water resource purposes.

Allerdale Borehole Data

Borehole data collected from British Geological Society - BGS historic maps. Boreholes expressed as Point data from known or historic knowledge of Boreholes

Allerdale Disabled Facilities Grant Land Charge

Disabled Facilities Grant recorded as a Land Charge and expressed as a polygon extent.

Allerdale Open Space Protection Constraint

Allerdale Planning Policy Constraint on Open Spaces for the protection of those areas from planning applications. Expressed as polygons. Policy updated in 2014 to 2029 with actual end date being...

Allerdale MOD Safeguarding Zone Planning Constraint

MOD Safegurading Zone expressed as a polygon extent constraining planning applications within the defined area.

Allerdale Unfit Repair Notice Land Charge

Unfit Repair Notice - URN recorded as a land Charge and expressed as a polygon extent.

Allerdale Wind Turbine Applications

Wind Turbine Applications recorded as point location for each planning application.

Allerdale Social Land Addresses

Allerdale Social Landlord Addresses expressed as polygon extents of the properties under a Registered Social Landlord.

Allerdale National Land Usage Database

National Land Usage Database (NLUD) as defined under Allerdale Planning Policy and notified

Allerdale Hedgerow Removals

Allerdale Planning Hedgerow Removal areas defined as polygons as the extent where permissions are granted.

Allerdale Settlement Limit

Settlement limit defined as a polygon extent defines the area of urban population centers used for planning policy and constraints.

Allerdale Gazetteer Streetview LLPG

Allerdale Local Land Property Gazetteer expression of address information specifically with Google Streetview definition as a hyperlink to enable viewing of a specific property. Address and links...

Allerdale Closing Order Land Charge

Closing Orders recorded as a Land Charge and expressed as polygon extent.

Allerdale Planning Application 1974 to 2000

Planning Applications for Allerdale Borough Council development area (excluding LDNPA) as captured from historical plotting sheets or from original applications. Refers to applications between 1974...

Allerdale Environmental Health Notice Land Charge

Environmental Health Order or Notice Land Charge expressed as a polygon extent.

Allerdale Section 106 Agreements Land Charge

Allerdale's section 106 Agreements containing the obligations setup under the registered Land Charge. Obligations captured from legal documents and expressed as polygons. Constitutes part of Part...

Allerdale Gazetteer Streets

Allerdale Gazetteer Streets expressed as polylines. As a second tier authority the polyline is a representation of the street geometry to represent the route and not to type 3 geometry which...