UKCES Employer Skills Survey 2013

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The UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey (UKCESS) is the largest of its kind in the world. It gives a comprehensive and robust picture of skills needs and training investment in UK business. Topics covered in the survey include training and staff development, vacancies and skills shortages, employee skill gaps and the recruitment of education leavers.

The UKCESS 2013 is the most recent survey in the series, and the second UK-wide employer skills survey. The results provide a comprehensive source of data for users:

• Employers can identify how they compare to their sector in their provision of training or own experience of skill deficiency and identify key challenges and opportunities for their sector;

• Individuals and careers advisers can identify sectors and occupations experiencing particular shortages;

• Providers of training and development can use the results to help shape provision to need in their locality or their specialist areas.

The first survey published in this series is the UKCESS 2011, available at: . Please note that in order to compare 2011 to 2013 results; the data tables comparable with UKCES Evidence Report No. 81 should be used due to a change in sampling strategy (for more details please see the 2013 Technical Report, available as an 'Additional Link' below).

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1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 Scotland Regional Skills Assessment area tables
1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 Wales tables
1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 Scotland tables
1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 Northern Ireland tables
1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 Local Education Authority summary tables
1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 Local Enterprise Partnership tables
1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 Local Authority tables
1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 England National tables
1/4/2014 UKCESS 2013 UK tables

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