Traveline National Dataset

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This is the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS) which contains public transport timetables for bus , light rail, tram and ferry services in Great Britain. It does not include national rail or coach services.

The dataset is updated weekly. Updates are listed here and late ones noted:

The data is supplied in TransXChange format (XML).

To access the data you need to fill in the registration form, wait a couple of working days for Traveline to add you to the FTP server and send you a confirmation email. Your username & password will be your email address and the password you supply in the registration form.

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Data Resources (1)

FTP (requires free registration)

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TNDS home page
Registration form
Report on timeliness of weekly updates
Known issues

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Added to 28/06/2012
Theme Transport
Temporal coverage 20/10/2014
Geographic coverage Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)
Schema/Vocabulary TransXChange
Service Level SLA Agreed
Themes (secondary) No value
Mandate No value
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