Pesticide Residues in Food

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The data set shows pesticide residues in 5 different food types: beans with pods; grapes; okra; potato; and prepared fresh fruit, plus a summary table.

The UK carry out a national monitoring programme of pesticide residue testing. As part of the programme each year 4 or 5 surveys are selected where one would expect there to be a higher rate of non-compliance to publish more frequently.

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18/8/2017 June 2017 PRIF Rolling Reports
24/7/2017 May 2017 PRIF Rolling Reports
13/7/2017 April 2017 PRIF Rolling Reports
16/6/2017 February March 2017 PRIF Rolling Reports
10/5/2017 January February 2017 PRIF Rolling Reports

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Commentary on pesticides residues in food results of monitoring programme

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