Permitted Waste Sites - Authorised Landfill Site Boundaries

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The Permitted Waste Sites - Authorised Landfill Site Boundaries is a polygon dataset that contains the boundaries of landfill sites that are currently authorised by the Environment Agency under Environmental Permitting Regulations. Landfill permits are authorised by a Waste Management Licence, a PPC Permit or an EPR Permit, and are recorded within the Regulatory Information System (Regis). The system is currently being updated to be replaced with the Integrated Regulation (IR) system which will replace both Regis and PAS (Permit Administration System). The current system allows the Environment Agency to extract data on landfill sites. These can be filtered on the following descriptor codes: A1: Co-Disposal Landfill Site; A2: Other Landfill Site taking Special Waste; A4: Household, Commercial & Industrial Waste Landfill; A5: Landfill taking Non-Biodegradable Wastes; A6: Landfill taking other wastes; A7: Industrial Waste Landfill (Factory cartilage); 5.2 A(1) a): Waste Landfilling; >10T/D with capacity>25,000T excluding inert waste; 5.2 A(1) b): Waste Landfilling; Any other Landfill to which the 2002 regulations apply; L04: Non Hazardous Landfill; and L05: Inert Landfill. It is important to note that because a site is authorised it does not necessarily mean it is accepting waste. Landfill sites are only removed from the dataset on a quarterly basis and added to the Historic Landfill site dataset when the waste licence status changes to either: Licence Expired – Some licences issued under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 were time limited and expired on the date specified in the licence; or Licence Revoked – Licence has been entirely revoked and is no longer in force; or Licence Surrendered – Operator has successfully surrendered the licence which is no longer in force. Please note that details of authorisations are retained on the Public Register for a period of twelve months. Therefore there are some records in the Historic Landfill dataset that are Public Register for a short period of time. Attribution statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2015. All rights reserved.

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Dataset Extent

Latitude: 55.816° to 49.943°
Longitude: -6.236° to 2.072°

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Longitude: -6.236° to 2.072°
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