National Public Transport Access Nodes (NaPTAN)

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NaPTAN is Britain's national system for uniquely identifying points of access to public transport. It is a core component of the national transport information infrastructure and is used by a number of other UK standards and information systems. There is a NaPTAN record for every bus stop, railway station, airport, ferry terminal etc. in England, Scotland and Wales. Record attributes include co-ordinates (OSGR and Lat-Long), NPTG locality reference, name components and SMS code.

25 MAY 2016 - Management of NaPTAN and NPTG (localities data) has moved to a new system, run by DfT. Please advise us of any issues at the email address shown by clicking the envelope button on this page.

IMPROVEMENTS - NaPTAN and NPTG updates are now daily. You may now download selected NaPTAN areas if you do not require the whole set. For details, see Additional Links section, below, for link to new download options page.

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Added to 19/03/2010
Theme Transport
Geographic coverage Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)
Schema/Vocabulary NaPTAN
Service Level SLA Agreed
Precision +/- 1 metre spatial accuracy of Ordnance Survey Grid Reference
Update frequency weekly
Temporal granularity day
Themes (secondary) No value
Mandate No value
Temporal coverage No value
Code list No value

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