Spend over £500 in Department for Transport and its arms’ length bodies

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Government Spending

The Department for Transport (DFT) has published monthly consolidated files of invoice payments; grant payments, and other payment transactions in accordance with the Prime Minister’s requirements on transparency and subsequent Treasury guidance. The information covers the period from 01 April 2009.

The threshold for disclosing transactions is over £500 for the central department, its agencies and arm's length bodies. The status of those included in this initiative is as follows:

Department: Department for Transport

Executive agencies: Highways Agency, Government Car and Despatch Agency, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Vehicle Certification Agency

Trading Funds: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Driving Standards Agency, Vehicle and Operators Services Agency

Non Department Public Bodies: (Please note: not all NDPBs incur relevant expenditure for each period) British Transport Police Authority, CTRL Section 1 Finance PLC, Directly Operated Railways Limited, High Speed 2, LCR Finance PLC, London and Continental Railways Limited, Passenger Focus, Renewable Fuels Agency

The status of the above entities is as defined by the Office for National Statistics.

The published data excludes personal data such as payroll and staff travel expenses.

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May 2010 return (after 12th)
April 2010 to 11th May 2010 return
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Added to data.gov.uk 19/11/2010
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Themes (secondary) Transport
Temporal coverage 12/5/2010 - 31/8/2011
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