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Crime & Justice

Crime data and neighbourhood policing information from all forces in England and Wales to the Public. This data is what is behind the website.

The Police API allows you to retrieve information about neighbourhood areas in all 43 English & Welsh police forces. All forces are required to keep this data accurate and up to date, so the API provides a rich and definitive data source for crime statistics at both street and neighourhood level.

The API is implemented as a standard XML REST web service using HTTP GET/POST requests.

The monthly data dumps can be downloaded using URLs structured consistently in the following format:[year]-[month].zip However because the data file is over 19 million rows, we also provide Custom CSV Download and JSON API helper interfaces so you can easily access subsets of the data. Generally, we recommend working with one of these interfaces instead of the full data dump.

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Data Resources (2)

Example API call - Crimes at street-level within a 1 mile radius of a single point.
Latest month of crimes

Additional Links (5)

Crime data portal
API documentation
HTML web application
Changelog - up-to-date list of issues with the data
About the data

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