Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

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The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) applies to large undertakings operating in the UK. The rules relating to the scheme are set out in the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014 (Regulations). The Regulations require large undertakings to notify the ESOS administrator that they have complied with the scheme requirements. Full details about the scheme including the full list of questions to which this data relates are provided in the ESOS guidance document which can be found on the ESOS page of .GOV.UK. This information is a subset of information submitted by the scheme applicants who submitted their notifications of compliance by 31st January 2017. We are publishing this data to meet our statutory responsibility under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014 and also in accordance with government open data policies. The dataset does not include data which we have determined to be personal data, this is protected under the Data Protection Act. The data contained in the spreadsheet has not been verified to confirm the compliance of these organisations with the ESOS Regulations 2014, it is purely a record of those organisations that have notified us that they are compliant. Where there are elements of the information provided that appear non-compliant these will be picked up and addressed in compliance auditing which we will be undertaking over the next four years. The data is published as provided. Attribution statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2016. All rights reserved.

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