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Habitat point records from 1996 MNCR Barra survey1996-MNCR-Barra-survey.csv

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RecordKey SurveyKey SurveyName SampleKey StartDate EndDate DateType LocationName DataType Latitude Longitude Projection HabitatCode HabitatDescription
JNCCMNCR10167084 JNCCMNCR10000670 1996 MNCR Barra survey JNCCMNCR10023794 1996-08-17 1996-08-17 D SE of Rubha Ch…rnain (Barra) Point 56.942435723482 -7.44725136432246 WGS84 CGS.Ven Venerid bivalves in circalittoral coarse sand or gravel
JNCCMNCR10220972 JNCCMNCR10000670 1996 MNCR Barra survey JNCCMNCR10023792 1996-08-17 1996-08-17 D Sgeir Liath (Barra) Point 56.9442913419819 -7.51355431166735 WGS84 CR.Ant Antedon bifida and a bryozoan/hydroid turf on steep or vertical circalittoral rock
JNCCMNCR10180067 JNCCMNCR10000670 1996 MNCR Barra survey JNCCMNCR10023731 1996-08-15 1996-08-15 D Doirlinn Head, N of Vatersay Sound (Barra) Point 56.9684825938118 -7.55454505682757 WGS84 CR.Cv Caves and overhangs (deep)
JNCCMNCR10144296 JNCCMNCR10000670 1996 MNCR Barra survey JNCCMNCR10023569 1996-08-14 1996-08-14 D Twin Rocks, Mingulay (Barra) Point 56.799986374738 -7.67044035812283 WGS84 CR.HCR High energy circalittoral rock