Fruit and vegetable wholesale prices

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These publications give the average wholesale prices of selected home-grown horticultural produce. Designation: Official Statistic Alternative title: Agricultural Market Reports

The following are the average of the most usual prices charged by wholesales for
homegrown fruit, vegetables and flowers at Birmingham, Liverpool, New Covent Garden, New Spitalfields, Gateshead and Bristol
With effect from the week ending 1 October 2004, this has changed to at Birmingham, Liverpool, New Spitalfields and Bristol. Also with flower prices at New Covent Garden.
(1) a bunch equals 5 stems
(2) a bunch equals 10 blooms
(3) a bunch equals 10 stems (4) a bunch equals 5 blooms

Figures from 2014 to current can be found from the associated link to the page on Gov.UK

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Fruit and vegetable wholesale prices 2004 to 2015

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