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Brownfield Land Register Brownfield Land Register - December 2019 (CSV)

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OrganisationURI SiteReference SiteNameAddress SiteplanURL GeoY GeoX Hectares OwnershipStatus PlanningStatus PermissionType PermissionDate PlanningHistory Deliverable NetDwellingsRangeFrom NetDwellingsRangeTo HazardousSubstances Notes FirstAddedDate LastUpdatedDate EndDate BNG_Easting BNG_Northing CX/501 "County Council depot, off Stretton road, Clay Cross" 53.16105 -1.41474 1.6 owned by a public authority not permissioned 44 44 "Former depot buildings have already been demolished following a consent for demolition (15/00599/DEM)|" 31/10/2017 31/10/2019 439229 362852 CX/1607 "Former Biwaters site, land off Derby Road, Clay Cross" 53.17353 -1.40747 36.46 not owned by a public authority permissioned reserved matters approval 10/04/2019 Y 669 669 "Outline application for a mixed-use development, comprising: residential use (C3), employment-generating uses with employment (B1, B2, B8), local centre (A1, A2, A3, A4 and/or A5), hotel (C1) and/or care home (C2); and public open space, landscaping, highway works and associated infrastructure (17/00666/OL) was approved for the whole site in August 2018. Approval of reserved matters for 166 dwellings (17/00247/RM, Phase 1) on the west side of the site pursuant to outline planning permission 08/01085/OL. This was followed by another approval of reserved matters for 63 dwellings (19/00025/RM) which partially amended the layout approved under 17/00247/RM. This added a further 5 dwellings to the 166 houses. A Reserved Matters planning application for 97 dwellings (19/00705/RM, Phase 3) has been submitted (and approved in Nov 2019). In September 2019, two further Reserved Matters applications have been submitted; one for 156 dwellings (19/00962/RM, Phase 2) and another for 165 dwellings (19/00903/RM, Phase 4). However, Phase 2 is on Greenfield land, therefore overall housing figure on pdl reduced to 669 dwellings. 36 out of 825 dwellings have been completed in the first two years. It is expected that 30 dwellings will be completed per annum in 2019/20 and 2020/21, and 60 dwellings per annum from 2021/22 onwards, based on two housebuilders on site.|" 31/10/2017 31/10/2019 439642 364296 ECK/2410 "Bradley Lomas Electrolok Ltd, Church Street, Eckington" 53.31104 -1.35473 0.97 not owned by a public authority permissioned reserved matters approval 05/12/2019 13 13 "Reserved matters application (18/00358/RM) submitted for the erection of 20 dwellings and associated road and retention, in part, of employment use relating to 13/00176/OL. The north side of the site is Greenfield land and excluded from pdl; the overall housing figure is therefore reduced to 13 dwellings.|" 31/10/2017 31/10/2019 443000 379631 KIL/1603 "65 / 67 Mansfield Road, Highmoor, Killamarsh" 53.31806 -1.29739 0.78 not owned by a public authority permissioned full planning permission 17/10/2019 Y 22 22 "Planning permission (17/00509/FL) granted for the demolition of warehousing and erection of 22 dwellings. For former outline permission (14/00380/OL) it was considered that very special circumstances do exist in the form of the benefits brought by a comprehensive redevelopment of a vacant site which would not have a significantly greater impact on the Green Belt than the existing built form. An application to discharge conditions is currently pending (19/01060/DISCON).|" 31/10/2017 31/10/2019 446820 380425