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Councillor allowances and council tax summons 2016/17 Councillor council tax summons

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Organisation Code Organisation Label Financial Year Councillor Amount Comments Outcome
Http:// Leeds City Council 2016/17 Cllr Ghulam Hussain 445.03 A Liability Order was issued to Councillor Hussain. The account related to an empty charge for the period 11/01/2016 to 31/03/2017 and the summons was for this whole period. However, we were subsequently informed that the property was re-occupied on 30/05/2016, from when the tenants became liable for Council Tax, which required an adjustment to the amount owed. Therefore, an amount equal to £445.03 in respect of the period from 11/01/2016 to 29/05/2016 was subsequently paid in settlement. Paid
Http:// Leeds City Council 2016/17 Cllr Mohammed Iqbal 0 Councillor Mohammed Iqbal, did receive reminders and a summons in regard to a rented property he jointly owns with three other people. However, the councillor concerned raised a query about the account which subsequently established that the property in question, a student let managed by a managing agent, continued to be an all student household and was, therefore, exempt from Council Tax. The summons and liability order were therefore subsequently cancelled. Cancelled