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Freedom of Information case logs Freedom of Information case logs for 2016

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CaseNumber DateOfRequestReceived Division-Branch ApplicantCategory Outcomes ExemptionsApplied DateOfResponseSent DaysTakenToComplete RequestWording
1831 2016-01-06 Consumer Protection Legal Not held n/a 2016-01-13 5 Follow up to FOI 1824 On the 24th June 2015 the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) received an email from BBC Scotland - BBC Science on behalf of the television medical and health series Trust me, I'm a Doctor. The email was to request was related to testing carried out by the School of Pharmacy at University College London (UCL) to test a range of herbal products to see if the herbs in them where those declared on pack. From the results herbal food supplements tested demonstrated as much as 30% did not contain the herbal substance declared on pack. We understand following a number of FOI requests to the FSA that they provided the BBC your contact details on the 3rd July 2015. 1. Have the FCU received any contact over the UCL study results from the BBC or other organisations? 2. Can you please advise what action the FCU has taken in relation to these results demonstrating wide spread adulteration of foods supplements containing botanicals?