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Spend over £25,000 in the Forestry Commission 2016 January Return

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Department Family Enitity Description Date Paid Expense Area Supplier Post Code Trans Ref Accounting Year Mix of Nett & Gross Supplier Code Batch Ref SBE Cost Centre Nett Amount VAT Gross Line Description Purchase Order PO Text Account Account Name Job Code Job Description Description Supplier Type Contract Number Expense Type
Forestry Commission FC ENGLAND Facilities Accommodation Services Rent & Rates 05/01/2016 National Office, England F&C UK Property Fund ICVC T/A F & C Reit RH4 1QP P62_640088 2015 90000 10116028 B000025954 E62 025 75000 15,000.00 90,000.00 RENT FOR 25.12.15 - 24.3.16 17014 Accommodation 025RENTS Rent 620 BBP Quarterly lease for National Office Bristol Large 640088 Administration
Forestry Commission FC ENGLAND Partnership Project 07/01/2016 Forest Serv National Expertise THE DEER INITIATIVE LL14 5NS P62_640168 2015 50000 10067063 B000025969 E62 001 50000 0.00 50,000.00 Forest Services Grant 3rd instalment 2015/16 P253582 GRANT AID TO DEER INITIATIVE IN AREA 09410 Forestry Partnership Programme 0010010Q Managing sustainable deer populations Partnership Project SME P253582 Grant
Forestry Commission FC ENGLAND Salary Deductions 07/01/2016 Sbc Fc England PCSPS RG21 4HG P62_640154 2015 161590 10070993 B000025965 E62 C62 161590 0.00 161,590.00 BACS PAYMENT OF CIVIL SUPERANNUATION DECEMBER 2015 43265 Aslc And Wps Deductions Payroll deductions Large 640154 Administration
Forestry Commission FC ENGLAND Facilities Accommodation Services Accommodation Services - Other 28/01/2016 National Office, England Interaction Associates Limited BA1 2QZ P62_640443 2015 84000 10096675 B000026012 E62 025 70000 14,000.00 84,000.00 Office Equipment C010264 1st Floor Office Fit Out.; Contract Ref: A159-13331 17014 Accommodation 025OFFIC OFFICE EXPENSES National Office refurbishment SME C010264 Administration