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Spend over £25,000 in the Forestry Commission 2018 April Return (Forestry Commission Scotland, Forest Research, Silvan House)

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Department Family Enitity Description Date Paid Expense Area Supplier Post Code Trans Ref Accounting Year Mix of Nett & Gross Supplier Code Batch Ref SBE Cost Centre Nett Amount VAT Gross Line Description Purchase Order PO Text Account Account Name Job Code Job Description Supplier Type Contract Number Expense Type
Forestry Commission FC SCOTLAND Grant Payment 05/04/2018 Policy & Business Development SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL TD6 0SA P64_164233 2017 28800 10089664 B000019855 E64 046 24000 4800 28800 Scoping work with Scottish Borders Council P286178 FCS Funding towards Woodland Creation Regional Pilot; Project; To undertake initial scoping work in partnership with Scottish; Borders Council in identified pilot areas 24855 External Funding - Expenditure 0461635Q FDP Woodland Creation Pilot Project Large P286178 Grant
Forestry Commission FC SCOTLAND Grant payment 10/04/2018 Policy & Business Development CENTRAL SCOTLAND FOREST TRUST ML7 4JS P64_164237 2017 86772.78 10043479 B000019856 E64 046 86772.78 0 86772.78 CONTRIBUTION TO 2017/2018 CSGN DEVELOPMENT FUND 24855 External Funding - Expenditure 0460535Q FDP CSGN Development Fund SME 0 Grant
Forestry Commission FC SCOTLAND Grant Payment 10/04/2018 Policy & Business Development East Ayrshire Council KA1 1HU P64_164325 2017 188645.03 10121211 B000019872 E64 046 188645.03 0 188645.03 STTS R21-22-07. Improvements to the B741 P278622 STTS R21-22-2017 Improvements to the B741 Dalmellington to New Cumnock 24856 Timber Transport Fund 0460305Q TTF - STTS SME P278622 Grant
Forestry Commission FC SCOTLAND Policy & Business Development 10/04/2018 Policy & Business Development FOREST PRODUCTS RESEARCH INSTITUTE EH10 5DT P64_164301 2017 40000 10089666 B000019864 E64 046 40000 0 40000 Final instalment as per grant award P282668 Final instalment, invoice due by 28 February 2018 24855 External Funding - Expenditure 0460335Q FDP Timber Development Programme Large P282668 Programme