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Spend over £25,000 in the Forestry Commission 2017 April Return

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Department Family Enitity Description Date Paid Expense Area Supplier Post Code Trans Ref Accounting Year Mix of Nett & Gross Supplier Code Batch Ref SBE Cost Centre Nett Amount VAT Gross Line Description Purchase Order PO Text Account Account Name Job Code Job Description Description Supplier Type Contract Number Expense Type
Forestry Commission FC ENGLAND Use of FC Vehicles settlement 03-Apr-17 Director Forest Services HMRC Shipley Compliance CF14 5XZ P62_649440 2016 104753.45 10119327 M000007737 E62 029 104753.45 0 104753.45 PRIVATE USE OF FC VEHICLES 2014/15 - 2016/17 43452 Other Utilised Use of FC Vehicles settlement Large 649440 Administration
Forestry Commission FC ENGLAND ICT Systems Delivery Development 06-Apr-17 Policy Advice Team Scisys UK Ltd SN14 0GB P62_649563 2016 43132.01 10111064 B000027234 E62 001 35943.34 7188.67 43132.01 SPRINT 8 & 9 EFFORT AND POC WRITE UP EFFORT P269023 Digiright development 39720 Itfa Development Exp Additions 001FLD Felling License Database Felling License database development SME P269023 Administration
Forestry Commission FC ENGLAND Seconded staff 11-Apr-17 Centenary Ministry of Justice NP20 9BB P62_649671 2016 26611.38 10119848 B000027255 E62 016 26611.38 0 26611.38 ALISON NORCOTT SECONDED SALARY COSTS 01/07/16 - 12/02/17 17005 Staff Second. Pay (w/e 1/4/04) 016NONFC Non-FC Staff Expenses Staff secondment Large 649671 Administration
Forestry Commission FC ENGLAND Salary Deductions 27-Apr-17 Sbc Fc England HMRC SHIPLEY BD98 8AA P62_649854 2017 2340 10024551 M000007774 E62 C62 2340 0 2340 948PY00220835 PAYE (TAX & NI) 201801 43251 Student Loan Deductions Payroll deductions Large 649854 Administration