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Spend over £25,000 in the Forestry Commission 2019 April Return (Forestry Commission)

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FCE Over 25K Report
Sub Ledger Code Sub Ledger Description Description Date Paid Cost Centre Cost Centre Name Supplier Code Supplier Name Postcode Transaction Reference Their Reference Accounting Year Payment Batch Number Analysed Amount Analysed VAT Analysed Gross Sum of Transaction Line Description Purchase Order Number Account Code Account Code Name Activity Code Activity Code Name Job Description Supplier Type Contract Number Expense Type
P11 FORESTRY COMMISSION PRIVATE ICT Software Software - other 04/04/2019 030 Shss Closedown Team 80000197 Axios Systems Plc EH3 7HF 3978 10755 2019 B000000870 32129 6425.8 38554.8 38554.8 RENEWAL OF ASSYST ANNUAL MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT - 16/04/19 - 15/04/20 17016 Computer Costs 39 Cash Renewal of IT fault reporting system Large 3978 Programme