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FCO Counter Fraud LosesFCO Counter Fraud Loses 2016/17

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Date Location Allegation Resolution (inc any sanctions) Gross loss to FCO (GBP) Lessons Learned
Apr-16 Americas A member of staff was accepting cash for visas. Passed to the Home Office as relates to their activity at Post i.e. Entry Clearance staff. None N/A
Apr-16 Europe Officer used their corporate credit card for their normal work commuter rail ticket because they had no personal money with them to pay for a ticket. One off transaction (£17.20). Advice issued to the officer regarding the correct use of the corporate credit card. Money recovered. None N/A
Apr-16 Middle East / North Africa A member of staff was colluding with suppliers and adding a 4% surcharge to invoices for use of the Government Procurement Card. They were found in possession of blank supplier invoices. Allegation investigated and a Disciplinary Panel was convened but the officer resigned during the disciplinary process once confronted with the allegations. Unable to confirm amount N/A
Apr-16 Americas Following the death of an employee at a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) which was acting as an implementer for FCO programme funds, a discrepancy of £375 was discovered in the NGO accounts. No evidence of fraud found. Local police investigated the death and did not find any money or receipts with the body. As no evidence found of what happened to the money, discrepancy was written off. £375 Steps taken to reduce the amount of cash-in-hand going forward used by the NGO. NGO staff now draw cash weekly rather than monthly and the possibility of having a debit card/or cards set up for the bank account to further reduce the cash required is being explored.