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UK Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) audit: round 3 (2010-2012)Adult organisational audit data-IBD audit 2010-2012

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Site name SHA How many IBD patients does your service manage? Is this figure an estimate or from a local database? Does the IBD service have a named clinical lead? Are there at least 1.5 WTE IBD nurse specialists in the IBD team? Are there at least 0.5 WTE dieticians allocated to gastroenterology? Is there a dedicated gastroenterology ward on site? If there is a gastroenterology ward, how manys beds are there per toilet? Is there a multidisciplinary nutrition team? Does the IBD service provide written information for patients with IBD on whom to contact in the event of a relapse? Can relapsing IBD patients expect to be seen for specialist review within 7 days of referral? Are regular, timetabled IBD team meetings held to discuss IBD patients? Are joint or parallel gastoenterology/colorectal surgery clinics held? Are there guidelines for the management of acute severe colitis? Is a written care plan available for IBD patients? Is there a shared care agreement with primary care? Is there a specific paediatric to adult transition policy?
Addenbrooke's Hospital East of England 1680 Database Yes No Yes Yes 2.7 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Airedale General Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber 700 Estimate Yes No Yes Yes 7 No Yes Yes No No No No No No
Arrowe Park Hospital North West 1600 Estimate Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No No
Barnet General Hospital London 283 Estimate Yes No No Yes 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No