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Payments to suppliers with a value over £500Council spending over £500 January 2014

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Body Body Name Date Transaction Number Amount Supplier Name Supplier ID Expense Area Expense Type Expense Code Extended Description Service Code Service Label Service Division Label Service Division Code Eden District Council 06/01/2014 133407 6900 ADAM WELLINGS CONSULTING LTD ADA003 Communities Manager Professional fees 2045 PHASE 1 DEC 2013 PAYMENT EDEVPR Economic Development and Promotion 02001 Economic Promotion Eden District Council 10/01/2014 133424 2920 ENTERPRISE MANAGED SERVICES LTD TFE001 Engineering Manager Planned Maintenance 1016 TOWN HALL GUTTERS ADMBLD Administrative Buildings 00500 Town Hall Eden District Council 10/01/2014 133441 2689 CLICK NETHERFIELD LTD CLI008 Communities Manager Equipment – purchase 2000 PRISM SHOWCASE MUSEUM Museum 02086 Display equip Eden District Council 10/01/2014 133523 660 MAYFIELD BOOKS AND GIFTS MAY004 Communities Manager Products and materials 7501 BOOKMARKS TAPTIC Penrith TIC Trading Account 09160 Penrith TIC - Trading Account