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Payments to suppliers with a value over £500Council spending over £500 November 2014

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Body Body Name Date Transaction Number Amount Supplier Name Supplier ID Expense Area Expense Type Expense Code Extended Description Service Code Service Label Service Division Label Service Division Code Eden District Council 07/11/2014 139165 550 BLACK HORSES LTD BLA018 Communities Manager Promotional activity 2084 CARRIAGE/HORSES PENRITH HALLOWEEN TWNCEN Town Centres 02636 Signature Events Eden District Council 07/11/2014 139193 660 THE CUMBRIA CLOCK COMPANY CUM026 Engineering Manager Building Maintenance 1000 SERVICING PENRITH CLOCKS PROAME Provision of Ameneties 02255 M'ce of Public Clocks Eden District Council 07/11/2014 138957 650 CHRIS WAKEFIELD TREE SVCS CHR001 Engineering Manager Ground Maintenance SOR & Dayworks 1088 FRENCHFIELD GARDENS - 3 TREES PARKOS Parks and Open Spaces 02129 Open spaces Eden District Council 07/11/2014 138682 2477.25 IMPACT HOUSING ASSOCIATION IMP001 Environmental Services Grants and contributions 2079 AT HOME IN EDEN PROJECT RENGRT Renovation Grant Scheme 02293 Staying put project