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Payments to suppliers with a value over £500Council spending over £500 January 2017

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Body Body Name Date Transaction Number Amount Supplier Name Supplier ID Expense Area Expense Type Expense Code Extended Description Service Code Service Label Service Division Label Service Division Code Eden District Council 06/01/2017 154716 1089 QUATTRO PRODUCTS LTD QUA002 Technical Services Manager Replacement Works (Play Areas) 2195 SCAWS PLAY AREA PARKOS Parks and Open Spaces 02143 Play Areas Eden District Council 06/01/2017 154717 4200 NORTHGATE PUBLIC SERVICES (UK) LTD NOR042 Revenue/Benefits Manager Software – maintenance 2067 PARIS SERVICES REVBEN Revenue & Benefits 00106 Revenues Eden District Council 06/01/2017 154718 2500 NORTHGATE PUBLIC SERVICES (UK) LTD NOR042 None Miscellaneous 2092 PARIS WEBPAY INTEGRATION CORPOR Corporate Costs 01192 Delivering Digital Innovation Eden District Council 06/01/2017 154724 2550 MESSAGELABS LTD MES001 Information Technology Manager Software – maintenance 2067 EMAIL SAFEGUARD INFTEC Information Technology 00102 Information Technology