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Payments to suppliers with a value over £500Council spending over £500 December 2017

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Organisation Name Organisation Code Organisational Unit Service Category Label Procurement category Supplier Name Supplier Other ID Payment Date Transaction Number Amount (£) Purpose
Eden District Council Legal Services Manager Crime & Disorder Reduction Partnership Grants and contributions RED SNAPPER GROUP RED004 08/12/2017 161981 1300 TRAINING
Eden District Council Technical Services Manager Parks and Open Spaces Professional fees WICKSTEED LEISURE LTD WIC001 08/12/2017 162002 26720 FAIRHILL PLAY AREA
Eden District Council Environmental Services Homelessness Other charges for services EDEN HOUSING ASSOCIATION LTD EDE001 08/12/2017 160919 24500 HOMELESSNESS ADVICE 03.07.17-01.10.17
Eden District Council Human Resources Manager Staff Development Workforce Development Plan Activity IODA LTD IOD001 08/12/2017 161813 590 EDI TRAINING 09.11.17 MANAGEMENT TEAM