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Payments to suppliers with a value over £500Council spending over £500 August 2015

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Body Body Name Date Transaction Number Amount Supplier Name Supplier ID Expense Area Expense Type Expense Code Extended Description Service Code Service Label Service Division Label Service Division Code Eden District Council 07/08/2015 144513 2508 DESIGNWORKS LTD DES001 Communities Manager Advertising 2086 UPDATES TO PENRITH LEAFLET TOUPRO Tourism Promotion 02056 Eden Tourism Eden District Council 07/08/2015 144607 2149.98 IDEAGEN CONTENT LTD IDE005 Information Technology Manager Web Services 2065 EASY SITE MAINT 15/16 INFTEC Information Technology 00102 Information Technology Eden District Council 07/08/2015 144633 15000 CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL CCC002 Planning Services Professional fees 2045 PENRITH TRANSPORT IMPROVEMENT STUDY LOPLPO Local Plans & Policy 03087 SP15 Local Plan Eden District Council 07/08/2015 143414 2810.04 PLAYDALE PLAYGROUNDS LTD PLA007 Engineering Manager GM External Contractors 1080 FAIRHILL/PATEGILL/GILWILLY PARKOS Parks and Open Spaces 02143 Play Areas