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Payments to suppliers with a value over £500Council spending over £500 November 2015

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Body Body Name Date Transaction Number Amount Supplier Name Supplier ID Expense Area Expense Type Expense Code Extended Description Service Code Service Label Service Division Label Service Division Code Eden District Council 06/11/2015 146259 894.9 PENRITH PLAYERS THEATRE LTD PEN002 Communities Manager Commission 7504 TICKET SALES MARTHA, JOSIE, ELVIS TAPTIC Penrith TIC Trading Account 09164 Penrith TIC - Penrith Players Eden District Council 06/11/2015 146315 750 FLORENCE MADDEN ASSOCIATES FLO004 Human Resources Manager Workforce Development Plan Activity 2229 TRAINING COURSE 11-13 NOV & 17-18 DEC 15 STADEV Staff Development 00222 Central Training Budget Eden District Council 06/11/2015 146340 5766 ENTERPRISE PROSPECTS LTD ENT004 Chief Executive's Agency Staff 0003 R HOOPER OCTOBER 2015 CHIEXE Chief Executive 00050 Chief Executive Eden District Council 06/11/2015 144948 -4489.02 ROYAL MAIL NW ROY001 Financial Services Manager Balance Sheet entry BS 6003 CREDIT BUSINESS MAIL CANCEL J43958945 HOLD A/C'S Holding Accounts 10304 Parliam Election Exp