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Payments to suppliers with a value over £500Council spending over £500 September 2018

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Organisation Name Organisation Code Organisational Unit Service Category Label Service Category URI Supplier Name Supplier Other ID Payment Date Transaction Number Amount (£) Purpose
Eden District Council Technical Services Manager Robert Beatham Event Other charges for services ASKINS & LITTLE STONEMASONRY SPECIALISTS ASK005 07/09/2018 167231 2430.26 VC MEMORIAL FITTING/SUPPLY
Eden District Council Technical Services Manager Recycling Bank-Refurbishment IAN CANNON LTD CAN004 07/09/2018 167283 1250 pressure wash bring sites
Eden District Council Commercial Services Manager Economic Promotion Business Engagement CUMBRIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY CUM003 07/09/2018 166929 500 SPONSORSHIP EDEN DINNER 07/06/18
Eden District Council Legal Services Manager Land Management Professional fees WALTON GOODLAND LTD WAL008 07/09/2018 167094 1100 report &valuation secured lending