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Payments to suppliers with a value over £500Council spending over £500 February 2018

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Organisation Name Organisation Code Organisational Unit Service Catergory Label Procurement Catergory Supplier Name Supplier Other ID Payment Date Transaction Number Amount (£) Purpose
Eden District Council Information Technology Manager Information Technology Software – purchase NORTHGATE PUBLIC SERVICES (UK) LTD NOR042 09/02/2018 163077 950 PARIS UPGRADE
Eden District Council Technical Services Manager Footway Lighting Professional fees ELECTRICITY NORTH WEST LTD ELE005 09/02/2018 163078 624 LAMP DISC WELLGILL HOUSE NENTHEAD
Eden District Council Revenue/Benefits Manager Revenue & Benefits Agency Staff CIVICA UK LTD CIV002 09/02/2018 162583 5251.75 ON DEMAND PROCESSING
Eden District Council Commercial Services Manager Museum Ready to Borrow Expenditure CLICK NETHERFIELD LTD CLI008 09/02/2018 163033 4819 TESS VAULT CASE 50%