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Special conditions: 1. This Information may only be used by you either in pursuance of this condition or in pursuance of condition 2 below. This condition applies if your use is: - for the purposes of contract you have to do work for us and if you do not have a contract to do work for us no use is permitted under this condition 1, and - for your internal use only but this does not prevent you from passing it back to us or to a subcontractor who complies with these conditions and - if, subject to any express written provision in the contract, you ensure that all intellectual property rights created in the performance of the contract vest in us, and - you destroy all copies of the Information at the end of the contract subject only to any retentions necessarily required by statute or otherwise by a binding legal obligation or for archive purposes for the sole purpose of addressing a complaint or challenge from a regulator or the National Audit Office in relation to your use of the Information. 2. If you are not using the Information in pursuance of condition 1 you must use the Information in a way that - we have confirmed in writing to you supports our statutory functions, or - that is authorised by any statue, or - does not require a licence form us.
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Latitude: 55.816° to 49.943°
Longitude: -6.236° to 2.072°
Spatial reference system
Dataset reference date
2012-07-09 (creation)
2017-06-29 (revision)
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Responsible party
Environment Agency (pointOfContact)
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