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HMRC Business Plan Indicator and Quarterly Data Summary Business Plan Indicators: Quarter 1, 2018 to 2019 (CSV)

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Measure Type Q1 2017-18 Q2 2017-18 Q3 2017-18 Q4 2017-18 Q1 2018-19 Q2 2018-19 Q3 2018-19 Q4 2018-19
Cash expected from compliance - measures the amount of additional compliance revenue when we identify past non-compliance. We apply a discount rate to reflect the fact that some of the amounts we identify will not be collected, due to insolvency for example. (£m) Impact Indicator - Revenue 1,666 2,117 2,355 4,188 1,964
Revenue loss prevented - the value of our activities where we have prevented revenue from being lost to the Exchequer, e.g. stopping a fraudulent repayment claim. (£m) Impact Indicator - Revenue 1,484 2,222 2,873 3,117 1,754
Future revenue benefit – assesses the effects of our work on future compliance behaviour. (£m) Impact Indicator - Revenue 1,518 1,567 1,517 1,479 1,420
Product and process improvement – is an estimate of the impact in each year of legislative changes made in the SR10 period that close tax loopholes to reduce opportunities to avoid or evade tax. (£m) Impact Indicator - Revenue 1 394 439 2,539 82