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Crown Prosecution Service website data CPS Website data 2015-2016

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Annual report on Quality Measures Usage Costs Standards Compliance
Measures whether a website has met minimum accessibility requirements as specified in TG102 - Click here for Web Standards and Guidelines on Delivering inclusive websites
A summary of the requirements for standards compliance, although archived, is available online here: Cabinet Office - Website quality standards compliance Accessibility Service Availability Broken Links: URL Redirection Search: XML Sitemap Coding Standards
(Parent) Department Attorney General's Office Taken from at least one online annual user survey as specified in TG126 - Click here for Web standards and guidelines on Measuring website quality As specified in TG116 - Click here for Web Standards and Guidelines on Measuring website usage As specified in TG128 - Click here for Web Standards and Guidelines on Measuring website costs WCAG A (automated testing) WCAG AA (automated testing) Have you also carried out manual testing for WCAG A and AA conformance? Have you tested the site with disabled people? Measures the percentage proportion of time that a website is available to public users as defined in TG130 - Service Availability Measures whether or not the URL redirection component has been installed as specified in TG125 - Managing URLs Measures whether or not a website has an XML Sitemap as specified in TG122 - Exposing your website to search engines (X)HTML compliant CSS compliant