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Traffic Commissioners: goods and public service vehicle operator licence records Operator licence holders Scotland

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GeographicRegion LicenceNumber LicenceType OperatorName OperatorType CorrespondenceAddress OCAddress TransportManager NumberOfVehiclesAuthorised NumberOfTrailersAuthorised VehiclesSpecified TrailersSpecified DirectorOrPartner LicenceStatus ContinuationDate CompanyRegNumber
Scotland OM1063926 Restricted JOHN MACEWAN Sole Trader AMISFIELD JOHNFIELD DUMFRIES GB DG1 3LS AMISFIELD JOHNFIELD DUMFRIES GB DG1 3LS No Transport Manager 2 2 0 0 None lsts_valid 2021-10-31
Scotland OM0000105 Restricted WILLIAM WAUGH & SONS (BUILDERS) LTD Limited Company AULDGIRTH BROADFORD Auldgirth Dumfries GB DG2 0RT AULDGIRTH BROADFORD DUMFRIES GB DG2 0RS No Transport Manager 3 0 3 0 ROBERT D WAUGH (Director) lsts_valid 2022-08-31 SC039169