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Central Government Property and Land including Welsh Ministers estate. Building Data 07-11-2014

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Building id SectorName department property centre Region ePIMS Property Ref dept_building_ref Occupation_ID building_name road town postcode Latitude Longitude Tenure type Building Floor Area Building Floor Area Type Floor_Type_Description building type construction date building usage no_of_floors refurbishment_date Listed_Building_Description DECCertificateRef DECPropertyRef DECOperationalRating ECPCertificateRef ECPPropertyRef ECPIssueDate ECPAssetRating ECPAssetRatingValue OccupiedNIA VacantNIA Officebasedstaffandcontractors NoofWorkstations Total Property Costs Total Property Cost by NIA Total Property Cost per Occupied NIA Total Property Cost per FTE Sqm Per FTE Mainsstandardgrid MainsGreenTariff BoughtInHeatAndPower Total Electricity (kwh) Natural Gas Oil LPG SolidFuelFossil SoildFuelBiomas Total Energy Consumption(kwh) Total Water Consumption (m3) Total Waste (tonnes) CO2 equivalent (tonnes) CO2 per FTE (tonnes) Non recycled waste per FTE (tonnes)