National Public Transport Gazetteer (NPTG)

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NPTG provides a topographic database of towns and settlements in the UK; it provides a common frame of reference for the National Public Access Nodes (NaPTAN) schema and other UK Public Transport Information schemas such as JourneyWeb. The appropriate naming and geospatial location of towns and places is vital for providing effective place and stop finding in modern on-line journey planners and other Passenger Information systems. Names are those that would be used by the people that reside or work in that place; the geospatial location is selected to optimise journey planning and other passenger information usage. The NPTG XML schema is used to distribute topographic data from the NPTG database to the local Administrative Areas who administer NaPTAN data, as well as other downstream Public Transport information systems such as journey planners.

Relevant links: NPTG home page on DfT website (for background information) National Public Transport Access Nodes National Public Transport Data Repository (public transport timetables) Traveline National Data Set (a weekly snapshot of public transport timetables due to be produced from early / mid 2012)

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NPTG home page on DfT website (for background information)

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Added to 19/03/2010
Theme Transport
Temporal coverage 1/4/2011 - 3/3/2015
Geographic coverage Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)
Precision +/- 1 metre spatial accuracy of Ordnance Survey Grid Reference
Update frequency weekly
Temporal granularity day
Mandate No value
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