GB Road Traffic Counts

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Data are available for Annual Average Daily Flows (AADFs) for count points on major roads (motorways and A roads) and minor roads (B, C and unclassified roads). Traffic figures for major roads are also available (in vehicle kilometres and vehicle miles).

AADF figures are produced for each junction to junction link on the major road network for every year.

Only a sample of points on the minor road network is counted each year and these counts are used to produce estimates of traffic growth on minor roads.

A description of how annual road traffic estimates are produced is available at

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Data Resources (12)

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Web mapping tool for all count points
RDF data for 1999 to 2007
AADF Data - minor roads
AADF Data - major roads
AADF Data by direction - major roads
Raw count data - major roads
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Additional Information

Added to 09/02/2010
Theme Transport
Temporal coverage 1/1/2000 - 31/12/2012
Geographic coverage Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)
Date update future 2012-08-31
Precision individual vehicle
Update frequency annual
Temporal granularity annual average daily
Mandate No value
Date added computed No value
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