Data Files of General Medical Practices from Organisation Data Service

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Important Note to Users re: NHS ODS GP Identifier Codes

Information on General Practitioners is collated and maintained by the NHS Prescription Service to facilitate their remit to remunerate dispensing contractors and provide the NHS with financial, prescribing and drug information. Users need to be aware of a number of characteristics of the GP codes:

• GPs may have more than one identifier within the file – one for each practice they prescribe from. Note that the practice code is supplied in field 15 of the practitioner file.

• Some codes do not identify a real individual, but exist to track prescribing activity of GPs working temporarily; i.e. a ‘bucket’ code assigned to a practice, for ad-hoc use by locums.

Some key consequences include:

• The codes are not unique identifiers for GPs. They are more accurately described as identifying prescribing cost centres, and their relationship with a location (GP practice).

• The data does not provide an accurate depiction of the number of GPs practicing within the UK.

Users should note that the ODS are evaluating proposed changes to the data which will address the issues outlined above. Work will commence in 2011 to implement the proposed changes. In the mean time, feedback should be addressed to the ODS at or 01392 251289.

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